Always been looking for that one watch with those specific features specifically for you? Still haven't found it? Then you have come to the right place at WatchErik to have your ultimate dream watch made. We started out of this passion for watch modding and have made many customers happy with a unique specimen or a watch from our permanent collection. 


Feel free to take a look at our portfolio and who knows, there might be something for you.

watch modding

Essentially, the idea of watch modding is to change something about your watch from the way it came out of the factory for you to the way you prefer it, often aesthetically, but, as you will see on our site also mechanically. We can achieve this for you with our team


If you want to take up the challenge of modding yourself, you can also quite easily buy parts such as movements, hands, dials for most watches. Even easier, get your dream watch built by us and get in touch and we will start working for you right away.


WatchErik can also be found on Instagram. Also here on the site, you'll find a collection of watches we've made including those commissioned by clients. Is there something in between for you or do you have something else in mind, feel free to let us know and have a look here

What do we offer

Seiko timepieces are a well-known and respected brand in the watchmaking world, so using them as the basis for WatchErik watches is a well-considered choice. Custom-made watches by special request can also be an interesting option if you are looking for something unique and personal.

But if you are not so handy, no worries - the man, the myth, the legend, WatchErik offers not only the parts, but also the service to carry out the modification.